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Defending Her Respect for Life

Posted On: 3/29/2018 8:02 AM

Autumn H wins first place award in diocesan contest

The Diocese of Richmond hosted a "Respect Life" Essay/Video contest in honor of Respect Life month (January) and in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Humane Vitae. The contest was open to three levels of students: middle school, high school, and undergraduate college students. Of these three levels, participants were encouraged to use the prompt in light of Humane Vitae to produce either an essay or video.
Senior Autumn H. decided to write a five hundred word essay that discussed the controversial topic of abortion in the modern world while defending the Catholic Church's beliefs. Using her newfound knowledge of Humane Vitae in Honors Theology 12, Autumn took first place and a $250 check in the high school level of the Diocese of Richmond's "Respect Life" essay contest this year. 


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