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Posted On: 11/13/2017 2:55 PM

Theater Students And Retirement Community Residents Share Skills and Humor

Beth Wigley's theatre class took their show on the road recently... to Williamsburg. There, they were met by Alana Stulen, part of the memory care team at the Willamsburg Landing assisted living community. She and PC's theater instructor are longtime friends, and thought of a way to engage the two groups they work with in a fun and meaningful way. 
Their idea: to engage members of Williamsburg Landing's Memory Club by performing some improvisational acting exercises and games. Some were simple imrov activities-- question and answer format-- but as the group loosened up, the rules of the game changed. Some residents did away with them altogether, and their improvised responses had the room howling with laughter. 
The final activity was an "emotion party", which engaged everyone at once. A party of one was added to, one person at a time, and the group had to adopt the emotion of the most recent guest. As guests left the "party", the group had to remember which emotion each was expressing and act it out. It was a hilarious challenge! Clearly, the Willamsburg landing residents had fun. But the students seemed to love it even more. On the bus ride back to PC, they made plans for another visit. 


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